Qualifications & Certifications

Bachelor's degree, Specialized Sports Training & Exercise Science.

Studies covered a broad range of fields including human physiology, psychology, nutrition and biomechanics, and their relationship to sports performance, health and well-being. Courses in anatomy and physiology aim to develop knowledge and understanding of the basic structure and function of the human body and to discuss how this knowledge can be used to improve health and performance from cellular to whole body perspectives. Furthermore, environmental physiology gives the opportunity to discuss the limits to human performance and survival.

Advanced Health and Exercise Specialist - EQF Level 6

ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer

It's no secret - fitness training has been proven to prevent disease, strengthen your health and improve your confidence and outlook on life. As a certified fitness trainer, I'm deeply trained in everything from muscle mechanics to flexibility and cardiovascular dynamics. So if you want to live a stronger and more confident life, I've got the training and the expertise to help you every step of the way.

Integrative Health and Medicine Specialization

Standard – CPR / AED / First-Aid Certification Course

National Health Care Provider Solutions


Personal Training Program Design

American Council on Exercise (ACE Fitness)

Personal Training

Harvard ManageMentor ( In Progress )

From The Harvard Business School, one of the world's most acclaimed management schools, comes Harvard ManageMentor (HMM)

HMM is a practical and engaging Program for developing management skills. It provides 44 modules on a range of business topics from running a meeting and leading teams to strategy development and finance essentials. Each module helps strengthen specific leadership skills that drive performance and results.… provides a highly personalized experience, fueled by the latest and best leadership and management content.

Theoretical and Practical Phytomer Training.

Spa Leader

Recognized by the International Spa Association (ISPA)

The Hilton School of Wellness Spa Leader Onboarding. Program is a unique training program within the spa industry, designed to help Hilton spa professionals thrive in a more business-centric role. It provides the education and tools needed to monitor and grow the business while on the path to management.

CIDESCO Sanitation & Sterilization award



This is a Globally recognized Sanitation and Sterilization Award. Offered by Cambridge School of Beauty Therapy.

The aim is to enhance personal and public hygiene procedures for staff and client’s safety and security under the new COVID-19 reality.

Professional Sport Management By The International Olympic Committee